is it possible to submit covers?
Yeah, don’t hesitate to mail me: mail at coverjunkie dot com. Please no sad faces when it’s not up there; I hope everybody understands Coverjunkie is about the most creative covers around

Please note:
– do NOT send me more than 1 cover at the same time.
– include all CREDITS you like to see on the shout-out.
– only JPG (no pdf or PNG), SMALL
(size jpg; 700 px wide 72 dpi & animated gif’s only 500 px wide!)

Due to the large volume of emails I am not able to respond. However, I do read all of them and appreciate everything you submit. Thanks!

Is there a commercial reason for Coverjunkie?
No, nooo, everything on Coverjunkie is there to celebrate creativity. There are no banners or any other means to exploit this. I choose to keep my credibility, it’s all done out of love for magazines.

Can i receive a newsletter?
Yes i’m working on this, possible to subscribe here. This is not gonna be a spam newsletter but a sweet top 10 once a week or once a month… gonna be good

is Coverjunkie a company?
Nope, Coverjunkie is an addiction and i do the blogging on my own. It’s independent and all about loving mags. If you like read more here about me as founder and what this site is about .


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