This is about championing ace cover designs and their inspirational designers. Coverjunkie is all about creativity. An addiction to magazine covers that smack you in the face or you wanna lick.

This platform launched November 2010, perfect way to discover new inspiration and new talent. It’s a shout-out to the most creative highlights that reflect our visual culture, all accessible in one place. Coverjunkie is about loving mags & loving creativity!

Personally i think a magazine cover is all about temptation. A cover that rocks is the one you cant resist the temptation picking it up, reading it. (“i can resist anything but tempation” Oscar Wilde). An epic cover contains news, vibe and creativity; all in one. The covers everybody remembers are the ones featuring a war or a scandal. But Coverjunkie is not only about those covers; it’s about creativity in general.

Designing covers is an intuitive way of thinking, a way of observing and questioning the subject. Choosing to avoid or emphasize preconceptions. Creativity is king and perfect for magazines to stand out.

Enjoy your daily shot of creativity from all around the world,

Founder Jaap Biemans

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