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Arem Duplessis fav #1
Arem Duplessis fav #1

Maybe you've heard Arem Duplessis (design director New York Times Magazine) is leaving New York Times for a company called Apple.

Cause of this i like to post my interview with Arem that appeared
one year ago in The Coverjunkie Magazine


New York Times Mag / October 2007 :
“For this cover we were brainstorming ideas for our annual New York issue. The theme was based around the extreme wealth in the city at that time (pre-recession). We needed something that was iconic of New York, and went through all of the obvious – the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, hot dogs, the Statue of Liberty, etc. Finally, we decided on a manhole cover and by spray-painting it gold it covered both ends. The grittiness of New York matched with the extravagance”
photography Vik Muniz

And read here all about the move from NYTMag to Apple.

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New York Times Mag (US)
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Arem Duplessis fav #2
Arem Duplessis fav #3
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